bushing tool FAQS

QWhat is a bushing tool used for ?

ABushing tools are ideal for leveling concrete surfaces and removing excess concrete during finishing work. Additional, bushing tools can be used to roughen a smooth concrete to prepare the surface for additional concrete or a coating.

QDoes Hydraulic tools can usd for mounting and dismounting ?

ASKF has pioneered the use of hydraulic techniques, which have helped to simplify bearing arrangements and facilitate correct and easy mounting. SKF has also developed a comprehensive range of tools and equipment to put these hydraulic techniques into effect.

QWhat temperature should a bearing be heated to?

ANormally, a bearing temperature of 150 F (83 C) above that of the shaft is sufficient. Unless otherwise specified, open bearings should never be heated to a temperature greater than 257 F (125 C).

QWhat is SKF Shaft Alignment Tools?

AReduce machinery breakdowns and increase your uptime. It’s a fact. Shaft misalignment is a major contributor to rotating machinery breakdowns. Accurately aligning shafts can prevent a large number of machinery breakdowns and reduce unplanned downtime that results in a loss of production. SKF has developed, after extensive consultation with users, a range of affordable, easy to use shaft alignment tools that are suitable for a majority of alignment tasks.